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  1. Avatar
    GordMack / 2-22-2019 / ·

    I recently took up the Piano in retirement and researched not only the choice and of makers and settled on the Yamaha DGX-660. Half the battle was over and now I needed to find out about lessons. Lada’s website, easypianoonline.com was based on the Synthesia model for teaching, and I found it to be the best online teaching style. Lada’s voice, explanation and finger by finger placement on each key and calling notes and seeing it in a graphical display was the best for me. She teaches the right hand followed by the left hand, all slowed down to a gentle speed for learning. Lada also offers members a requested song lesson and here is where she excels. After I personally looked for a hit from the 1968 music hit list, called Soul Coaxing or Ame Caline by Raymond Lefevre, I was coming up empty. Within a day of my request, Lada found the sheet music for piano and by the following week had created a tutorial for me. Her site was definitely an asset for my learning and at only $10.00 per month, it was well worth joining.

    If you are undertaking the task of learning the piano, whether you are young or old, I’m 66, you will find Lada’s methods and tutorials exceptional beyond belief.

    Gord McKECHNIE (GordMack1@gmail.com)

  2. Avatar
    Jessienicoll / 2-2-2019 / ·

    Is the sheet music available in addition to the videos?

  3. LillyC
    LillyC / 11-25-2017 / ·

    Thank you, Easy Piano Online, for gratifying my request!
    I love Tchaikovsky and his Piano Concerto No.1 is something really special for me.
    The way you teach allows me to start immediately enjoying this great piece (even though I am just the beginner).
    Thank you again,

  4. LillyC
    LillyC / 10-29-2017 / ·

    Hi Easy Piano Online,
    I really want to learn Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto.
    Can you post a video tutorial please?

  5. borealis
    borealis / 10-28-2017 / ·

    Thank you very much for the lessons!

    The quality of deliverables makes this “young” site outstanding in comparison with similar sites.

    Good luck and waiting for new branches of this beautiful music tree to grow!


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