Look To The Stars - Man Of Steel - Hans Zimmer

Look to The Stars
(Hans Zimmer)

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Look to The Stars
by Hans Zimmer

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Look To The Stars ” is the soundtrack to the Man of Steel, composed by Hans Zimmer. It was released on June 11, 2013 by WaterTower Music. The exclusive deluxe edition of the album contains six bonus tracks, entitled “Are You Listening, Clark?”, “General Zod”, “You Led Us Here”, “This Is Madness!”, “Earth” and “Arcade”.
Hans Zimmer initially denied popular rumours that he would be composing the film’s sound-track. However, in June 2012, it was confirmed that Zimmer would in fact be writing the film’s musical score. To completely distinguish Man of Steel from the previous films, the iconic “Superman March” by John Williams is not heard.