Fur Elise - Section A

Für Fur For Elise
Section A
(Ludwig van Beethoven)

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Fur Elise
Section A
by Ludwig van Beethoven


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Everyone knows the melody to Ludwig van Beethoven’s piano piece ” Fur Elise “, but Elise’s true identity has remained a mystery. Now a German musicologist says he’s discovered who she really was.
Who was she?
Was she a real person?
Was she imaginary person?
Or maybe she was “virtual”?
Anyhow from hard rock and jazz to cabaret and ring tones, “Fur Elise” is the quintessential example of the popularization of classical music. If Beethoven got royalties, he’d be a wealthy man.
Everyone knows the melody to the short piano piece in A Minor. Though few stop to wonder what was behind the intimate dedication.
Berlin musicologist Klaus Martin Kopitz believes he has uncovered Elise’s true identity.
“For years, I’ve been working on a publication called ‘Beethoven in the eyes of his contemporaries’, which includes all the reports from people who knew Beethoven personally: journals, letters, poems, memories,” said Kopitz. “Certain women are mentioned, and one of them was Elisabeth Roeckel.”