Taras Theme - My Own True Love - Gone With The Wind - Max Steiner

Tara's Theme
(Max Steiner)

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Tara’s Theme
by Max Steiner

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Tara’s Theme ” is the opening music from, and the main theme of the epic film Gone With The Wind. Composed by Max Steiner, it would later have lyrics added by Mack David to become “My Own True Love.”


Tara’s Theme (My Own True Love)

My own true love
My own true love
At last I’ve found you
My own true love

No lips but yours
No arms but yours
Will ever lead me
Through Heaven’s doors

I roamed the Earth
In search of this
I knew I’d know you
Know you by your kiss

And by your kiss
You’ve shown true love
I’m yours forever
My own true love
My own true love

Songwriters: Mack David / Max Steiner