Chopin Prelude Op. 28 No. 7

Prelude Op.28 No.7
(Frederic Chopin)

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Prelude Op.28 No.7
by Frederic Chopin


The “Prelude Op.28 No.7“, the seventh Prelude, in A major, brings a Terpsichorean songfulness: it is a mazurka. It astonishes and captivates one with the simplicity of its melody and the subtlety of its harmonic accompaniment. It is assigned to the category of idyllic preludes. Zygmunt Noskowski called the seventh Prelude ‘an errant – among the rest of the preludes – sunbeam’, and he composed mighty symphonic variations on its theme. Alfredo Casella paraphrased this prelude, not without a certain wit. Words have repeatedly been set to the A major Prelude. With words by Miłosz Kotarbiński (‘Czemu sercu smutno…’ [Why this sadness in my heart…]), it functioned at one time as a salon ‘hit’. Nowadays, it inspires jazz impressions.