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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Select log in link on the main menu.
2. On the log in page select Forgot My Password link and follow the instructions.
This is our way of making sure new users are capable of paying the membership fees if they decide to become a member. All payments are secure, and managed by PayPal.
Unlimited access to all parts of the song, streaming 24/7. The first part of each song is available for free on YouTube, all other parts are available to subscribed members only. Members also get the benefit of requesting new songs to be added to the library!
New videos are added every week.
If you truly don’t want to use all the material the library has to offer you can do one of the following: Try the monthly subscription option and cancel after you learned the song or, if you are a new member use the 7 day free trial and cancel after the trial period is over.
Membership can be cancelled at any time. Log in, select my account and select cancel link.
To change your password log in, select my account then select Change Password link.
Check the spelling of your username and password. If you forgot your password see FAQ #1.
No refunds. We offer a completely free 7 day trial, for you to try out the library resources. If you by the end of your free trial are not satisfied, please cancel your membership.
Yes! We love to hear from you! Only paid members can request songs. So if you are a paid member, send us your request via contact link.
Yes! We offer private lessons. Please follow the link Private Lessons
We created special page with suggestions. Please follow the link Equipment for online lessons


  1. Chilly84
    Chilly84 / 1-14-2023 / ·

    I can’t play part 2 of Aerith theme.
    It always tells me to sign up or log i but i am already logged. All the other vids working fine with all parts… It’s just the Aerith one… Hoping for help
    [email protected]

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